Let’s Make a Website!

Let's Make A Website!

Over the course of the last 60-something years, much has changed in terms of how shows are staged. Similarly, how the productions are promoted and recorded have also changed greatly. On the 50th Anniversary of the Society in 2002, the Society produced a publication entitled “Ballyshannon Musical Society Celebrates a Half-Century of Success”. This has served as an invaluable resource in narrating the progression of the society from its origins in 1952, right through to the producer of annual productions of high octane musical theatre in 2002 and beyond. The Society in the present day is emblazoned with the fingerprints of many people who were once resident in the locality, even for a brief time. Each person involved has had an input in the sustained success of the Society and publications like this have recognised and documented that along the way.

Since 2002, the way that we communicate has evolved greatly and the Society is already very present on many social media streams. However, whilst social media is a useful resource, the Society felt that a website would provide a one-stop-shop to allow people to keep up to date with the present, reminisce over the past and maintain a sustained connection to an organisation that we hope brought great joy to their lives at a particular point in time. It is envisaged that we will create Newsletters to summarise the recent successes of the Society at various intervals.

Whilst a website is something that committee members have discussed for many years, the presence of some tech-savvy committee members have finally pushed this over the line. We welcome you to explore the gallery of productions past and welcome contributions that people have in terms of articles, photographs or any other relevant information from the past that you feel would enhance our website offering.


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